Vol 5, No 2 (2016)

April 2016

Table of Contents


The Effectiveness of Anger Management and Control Training on Mental Health Promotion of Male Students PDF 116-121
Mohammad ZareZadeh, Mahin Askari
The Relationship between Affective Family Functioning and Tendency to Consume Alcoholic Beverages PDF 122-127
Kobra HajiAlizadeh, Roqiyeh Akbari
The effectiveness of the moral intelligence components training on the social interaction of female junior high school students PDF 128-134
Mahsa Naqashzadeh, Mahmoud Sabahizadeh
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Teacher’s Marital Satisfaction PDF 135-138
Badriye Bakhtari, Elahe Rostami, Nosrat Bakhtari
Surveying the Relationship between Happiness, Self-Efficacy and Vocational Capability of Elementary School Teachers PDF 139-151
Masoumeh Hajizadeh, Asqar Hajizadeh Shabani, Nosrat Bakhtari
The Effect of Training Moral Intelligence Components on the Social Interaction of Female Junior High School Students PDF 152-158
Mahsa Naqashzadeh, Mahmoud Sabahizadeh
The Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Training Of Mother- Child Relationship on Reducing Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in Children PDF 159-166
Farzaneh Abbasi, Mohammad Reza Abedi, Salar Faramarzi, Gholam Reza Nikrahan, Mojtaba Rahimi
A Survey of the Growth in Morality in Adolescences with the Management of Parents PDF 167-175
Maryam Safara
Review the Effectiveness of Encouragement Education on Enhancing the High School Student's Academic Self-Efficacy PDF 176-182
Mahmoud Sabahizade , Afsaneh Izadmehr
Effectiveness of Teaching through Brainstorming on the Students' Critical Thinking and Motivation PDF 183-192
Kobra HajAlizadeh, Zahra Khorasani Anari