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Academic Journal of Psychological Studies aims to provide a forum for high quality research including all areas of psychology. It emphases on the significance of co-construction of psychological and social processes and facilitates understanding psychology from various academic perspectives. The AJPS is publication channel of experimental researches; academic papers, reviews, methodological and applied articles. Research in psychology is including almost all areas of life. Therefore, the journal sets a preference for original and widespread articles and includes all modes of research —experimental, observational, ethnographic, textual, interpretive and survey. AJPS covers the entire spectrum of research including the following topics: General Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Exceptional Children, Psychology, Consultation.

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Vol 8, No 2 (2019): April 2019

Table of Contents


Dyscalculia And Development Of Sense Of Number: Implementation Of An Intervention Program PDF 35-43
Patrícia Catalão, João Casal, Luis Miguel Picado
Social Phobia and Interpersonal Stress: Interpersonal Distress (Interpersonal Stress) Moderator PDF 44-51
Sheideh Fasahati, S. Mansoureh EmamiSaber, Mojgan AbbasiAbrazgah
An Overview of the Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Emotional Divorce among Iranian Couples PDF 52-62
Negar Yamin, Mah Monir ChitsazEsfahani, Vahideh Rezaeikahkha
Qualitative Study of the Usefulness of Premarital Counseling in Married Women in Isfahan PDF 63-70
Nahid Saber, Kiumars Farahbakhsh
Sociological Study of Women's Motivation for the Tendency toward Beauty Surgeries PDF 71-78
Nafiseh Derakhshan, Homa Derakhshesh, Fahimeh SistaniGhahjavarestani
The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Styles of Leadership in Predicting the Mental Health of the Staff PDF 79-88
S. Ali HosseiniAlmadani, Maryam RamezanAliPour
Factors Affecting the Tendency of Iranian Adolescents and Young People to Use Narcotic Drugs PDF 89-100
Maryam ShafiPourMehadMehin, Nastaran Rafiee, Fatemeh SaniHeidari