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Academic Journal of Psychological Studies aims to provide a forum for high quality research including all areas of psychology. It emphases on the significance of co-construction of psychological and social processes and facilitates understanding psychology from various academic perspectives. The AJPS is publication channel of experimental researches; academic papers, reviews, methodological and applied articles. Research in psychology is including almost all areas of life. Therefore, the journal sets a preference for original and widespread articles and includes all modes of research —experimental, observational, ethnographic, textual, interpretive and survey. AJPS covers the entire spectrum of research including the following topics: General Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Exceptional Children, Psychology, Consultation.


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Vol 5, No 3 (2016): July 2016

Table of Contents


The effectiveness of yoga exercises on childbirth anxiety reduction and the improvement of mental health in pregnant women PDF 193-200
Maryam Astarabadi, Nooshin Taqinezhad
Sociological Analysis of the Immigration Consequences on the Social Distance of Citizens PDF 201-207
Ahmad Ali Asadpoor, Nasimeh Jahangiri Zarkani
Teacher' Personality and Students’ Learning Motivation PDF 208-214
Meisam Jahangiri
Investigation of the Educated Girls' Tendency to Money and Its Effect on Protecting Family Foundations PDF 215-227
Hanniyeh Fattahzadeh, Samaneh Sadat Sadidpour, Maryam Safara
Predicting Creative Thinking of Students Based on Sternberg Thinking Styles PDF 228-240
Saeed chegeni, Rezvan Darabi, Maryam Niroomandi
The Relationship between Personality Characteristics and Academic Procrastination of Students PDF 241-247
Ahmad Bahari, Maryam Sadeghi Kheyrabadi, Alireza Azimpoor
Meta-Cognition, Academic Motivation, Problem Solving Evaluation and Academic Performance of Chemistry: Correlation Study PDF 248-255
Fakhri Asadi Rahmani, S. AbdulWahab Samavi
Women in the Point Of View of Philosophers and Psychologists: A Review Study PDF 256-260
Mohsen Shokouh Saljoughi, Masumeh Zeynalpur
The Effectiveness of Hope Therapy on Increasing the Resilience of Women with Cancer PDF 261-268
Emad Yousefi, Sajad Nazemnezhad, Mahdi Islami, Hasan SalarHoseini, Marjan Dourandish
Relationship Enhancement Program and Resiliency: Study of its Effects on Female Students PDF 269-274
Hoda Zareian, Mahmoud Sabahizadeh
Study of developmental relationship between attitudes to aging and personality characteristics in persons 7 to 80 years in Iran PDF 275-280
Samira Mokhtari, Fatemeh Sheibani