Review the Effectiveness of Encouragement Education on Enhancing the High School Student's Academic Self-Efficacy

Mahmoud Sabahizade , Afsaneh Izadmehr


This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of encouragement education on reducing exam stress and increasing self-efficacy of ninth grade female high school students by pretest - posttest experimental method with control group. Sample group consisted of 20 female students of the high schools of Bandar Lengeh in 2015-16 academic years and were chosen by cluster random sampling method and were placed randomly into two groups of test and control (10 people in each group). The scale of exam stress and perfectionism of participants in this research was evaluated by Ahwaz exam anxiety form (1996) and Lowenthal academic self-efficacy scale (1996) in the pre-test and post-test respectively and the test group participated in 10 sessions of encouragement education. The covariance analysis running on data showed that the amount of exam anxiety and self-efficacy of experimental group has a significant decrease and increase (P <0.05). Therefore, it can be concluded that encouragement education can cause a significant reduce in exam anxiety and significant increase in self-efficacy in the scores of ninth grade female high school students.

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