A Study on Factors Affecting on Motivating the Performance of Industry, Mine and Commerce Organization Employees of Hormozgan Province

Abdolmajid Abdolizadeh, Jamshid Jafari, Mohammad Mohebbi


Today, the importance of human resources as the most valuable capital of any organization and its role in increasing the productivity of organizations is clear to everyone. The need to the presence of motivated employees that can provide optimal utilization of facilities and other assets of the organization is irrefutable facts of every organization. Industry, Mine and Commerce Organization of Hormozgan province due to its importance in meeting the needs of other organizations and a significant proportion of the citizens of Hormozgan province was not the exception of this fact, and requires the enjoyment of the interested and motivated people. Regarding the importance of the above mentioned factors the present study has been conducted and it examines factors affecting on motivating the performance of Industry, Mine and Commerce Organization employees of Hormozgan province. In general, this study seeks to achieve the following three objectives: Understanding the factors that affect employees’ motivation, Getting familiar with the priority of employees’ needs, Achieving useful results that can guide the managers in motivating employees. After determining the goals of the research questions, 150 employees of this organization were selected as the statistical sample. The questionnaire consisted of 38 questions that has been formulated around the research hypotheses, were distributed among them. After collecting information and questionnaire data using software package and statistical analysis and SPSS ANOVA, research main questions were put to the test.

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