Comparison of Defect in Theory OF Mind Based on Signs of Low and High Depression Disorders in Students

Fatemeh Koroghipour, Zeynab Khanjani, Abbas Bakhshipour, Soheil BehzadiTeshnizi


The aim of present study was to compare the defect in mind theory based on signs of low and high depression disorders among students. Methodology was in a kind of casual-comparative one and the population included all female students from University of Tabriz in 2014-2015. Sampling was done in a randomized way using Beck anxiety inventory  (BDH-II). 30 participants had high depression disorder and 30 had low depression. Sampling method was carried out using screening method. For the next step, they were compared by the application of mind reading test through Baron-Cohen eye test (ET-R). Data were analyzed by t -test. Results showed that those with high depression had sensible defect in their theory of mind compared to those with low depression disorder.

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