Understanding the Mediator Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Job Performance: Evidence from National Bank of Iran

Hoshang Yavarpour, G. Reza Memarzade


The current paper aims to explore the relationship between organizational justice and employees’ job performance and also to explain the mediator role of organizational citizenship behavior in the above relation. Thus, in this paper organizational justice is treated as independent, organizational citizenship behavior as mediator and job performance as dependent constructs. In order to analyze the hypotheses, we gathered 190 questionnaires from National Bank of Iran’s staff located in north of Tehran. Face validity and reliability of our measurement instrument was examined using experts’ judgments and Cronbach's alpha, respectively. SPSS and Lisrel results show that organizational justice has a significant positive relationship with job performance all three dimensions (i.e., knowledge performance, skill performance, and ability). In addition, the mediator role of organizational citizenship behavior was also supported.

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