The Relationship between Sexual Adjudication, Education, and Depression: A Model for Life Satisfaction Prediction

Fateme Esfandiyari Baghbemidi, Hasan Baniasadi, Masod Bagheri


The present study was conducted to examine the relationship between sexual adjudication, education, and depression in order to evaluate the hypothesized model of life satisfaction prediction. In this regard, a sample of 205 female employees employed in University of Medical Sciences were selected using simple random sampling and analyzed using Halbert sexual adjudication, Goldenberg Depression and life satisfaction questionnaires. The calculated correlation results indicated a significant relationship between sexual adjudication and life satisfaction (0.64) and depression (-0.45) and also indicated a significant relationship between components of sexual relationships and expressing emotions and with life satisfaction and depression. After developing heuristic model, fitting indices showed the significance and fitting of the model. Results of pathway analysis also showed significant direct impacts (0.592) and indirect impacts (0.05) of sexual adjudication on life satisfaction. While the indirect effect of education through depression on life satisfaction was significant but negligible (-0.03).

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