An Investigation into the Relation between Family Chaos and Behavioral Abnormalities in Fifth-Grade Children

Eghbal Zarei, Maryam Sadeghifard, Taimour Hemmati Golsafidi


The present research investigates the relation between family chaos and abnormal behavior demonstrated by fifth-grade students in Gheshm (an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf). The statistical population consists of all fifth-grade students residing in Gheshm at the time of this study. A research sample size of 214 was selected through random sampling from among the students. The correlation survey method and the Person statistical correlation coefficient were used in the measurements related to this study. The findings pointed to the existence of a significant relation between children’s abnormal behavior and various cases of family chaos as follows: Having no parents: r = 0.908 at p<0.001, Financial poverty: r = 0.839 at p<0.001, Lack of understanding between parents: r = -0.707 at p<0.001, Parents addiction: r = 0.701 at p<0.001, Family disintegration: r = 0.465 at p<0.001.

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