A Study on the Effects of Using Mastery Learning Methodology on Academic Achievement, Academic Self-Concept, and Achievement Motivation in Female Middle School Students

Sima Moradi, Eghbal Zarei, Hossien Zainalipour


This study aims to investigate the effects of mastery learning on academic achievement, academic self-concept and progress motivation in female middle school students in Bandar Abbas city. This study is semi-experimental, using test-pre-test and a control group. In order to do this, a sample of 25 students studying in District 2 of Bandar Abbas was selected using the control group and study group, using accessibility sampling. The tastes filled out academic achievement test, Delavar’s educational self-concept, and Hermens achievement motivation questionnaire. After doing the test on both groups, the study group underwent mastery learning and control group went through the traditional method of education. Then, the re-test was conducted. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics was used to calculate mean, standard deviation, and variance. Inferential statistics was used with regard to single and multiple factor co-variance analysis based on the hypotheses of the study. Results indicated that mastery learning leads to students’ academic achievement and it improves their positive academic self-concept, and achievement motivation.

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