Investigation of the Relationship between the level of Life Skill and Self-esteem, and Test Anxiety among the Students

Saber Samandari, Fatemeh Sheikh Siahbanouyeh


This research aims to investigate the relationship between the level of life skills and self-esteem, and test anxiety among students. Statistical population includes second grade students of high school in the region one of Bandar Abbas (9461 individuals including 4447 boys and 5014 girls) in year 2013-2014. The sample size includes 369 students (173 boys and 196 girls) who were selected applying stratified random sampling based on Cochran’s formula. This is a descriptive study of correlation and life skill, self-esteem and test anxiety questionnaire were applied in order to collect data. Pearson’s correlation coefficient and multivariate regression coefficient were applied to analyze the collected data. Results indicated that there is an inverse significant relationship between the level of life skills and test anxiety among the students. An inverse significant relationship was also found between their self-esteem and test anxiety. Compared to life skills, self-esteem is a stronger predictor of test anxiety.

Keywords: Life skills, Self-esteem, Test anxiety, Students.

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