Reminiscence on the Happiness of Retired Elderly People in Department Of Education in Mashhad in 2018

Maryam AhmadiManesh, Mitra AhmadiManesh, Reza SaeediAbuIshaqi, Morad Rostami


The aging process is associated with physical, psychological and social changes and this causes the elderly to lose their happiness and vitality. Since the reduction of happiness is one of the consequences of old age, this study was conducted with the aim of the effect of reminiscence on the happiness of retired elderly. This is a quasi-experimental study that was conducted in the fall of 2018. Samples were 90 retired men over 60 years of education retired. Sampling was done by available method, samples were randomly assigned to intervention and control groups. Reminiscences were performed for six group sessions twice a week for the intervention group at the Mashhad Education Retirement Center. Data collection tools were personal information form and Oxford Happiness Questionnaire. Data analysis was performed using descriptive and inferential statistics by SPSS software version 21. The mean happiness score of the elderly in the intervention group increased from 48.82 ± 3.51 before reminiscence to 56.51 ± 6.14 after. And in the control group it changed from 47.66 ± 6.99 before reminiscence to 49.68 ± 7.96 after. The mean score of happiness after Guider memory was significantly different between the intervention and control groups (p <0.001). This study showed that group reminiscence can promote happiness in the elderly. Because reminiscence is an attractive, simple, and inexpensive intervention, it can be used to reduce anxiety in the elderly. It is suggested that this intervention be used in nursing homes to create a fun atmosphere.

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