A Study on Positive Law Regard to the Guardian Marriage with Adopted Child Mahboubeh Halvayipour*

Mahboubeh Halvayipour and Sima Rahgosha


Adoption discussion is one of sensitive issues in societies, because the issue of orphaned children
as well as children with bad guardians is a comprehensive problem, which exists in every society.
Adoption was present throughout history with various purposes. A group adopted a child as their
own child without any consanguinity and relative-in-law relationships. This credit and assumption
brought families without children, and children without parents together. Orphans Protection Law
was passed in 1974 and according to the conditions and provisions mentioned in this Act, orphaned
children were given a couple without children. The dominant general atmosphere on the law, due
to the fear of being charged with a violation of legal provisions, included a brevity and ambiguity. So
that in 17 Articles in 1974 and 28 Articles of Support Bill in 2013, without addressing the
shortcomings of issues, such as Mahramiat and lack of establishment of inheritance, Orphans
Protection Law ended its job. Therefore, in the following discussions, we analyze Mahramiat and
marriage with adopted child.
Keywords: Iran's Laws, Adopted Child, Guardian, Marriage.

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