A Study on the Role of Family Communication Patterns on Slow Learners’ Academic Achievement in the City of Bandar Abbas

Fatemeh Khani, Maryam Sadeghi Fard, Reza Boroomand


This study aims to investigate the role of family communication patterns on the slow learners’ academic achievement in the city of Bandar Abbas. For this purpose, 175 boy and girl slow learners were selected by simple random sampling method and the questionnaire of family communication patterns (Koerner and Fitzpatrick, 2002) was used in order to collect the data. The results of research hypotheses analysis indicate that among communication patterns conformity and conversation have a positive correlation with slow learners’ academic achievement. Regression analysis results show that the communication patterns can predict slow learners’ academic achievement at P˂. /001. Among these communication patterns, conversation communication pattern can predict academic achievement at P˂. /001.

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