A Study on the Relationship between Religious Orientation and Communication Patterns in Couples

Elaheh Rostami, Badrieh Bakhtari


This study examined the relationship between religious orientation and communication patterns in couples in Bandar Abbas in 2013. The research method was descriptive correlational. The population of the study consisted of all married couples of Bandar Abbas city. Research sample using Cochran formula was calculated 300 subjects. In this study sampling method is simple random. Data collection method of the study was field method and tools used in the research were religious orientation questionnaires (Allport), and communication patterns questionnaires (CPQ). For the analysis of collected questionnaire data two sets of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used, the results of which are as follows: There is a relationship between religious orientation and communication patterns between couples and elements of religious orientation can wholly explain approximately 31.1 % of the variance of communication patterns.

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