Effectiveness of Group Counseling based on Reality Therapy on Improving the Quality of Life in Women

Nazanin Karimi, Mahshid Ghasemi Farsani, Reza Boroomand


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of group counseling based on reality therapy on improving the quality of women’s life. This study was conducted based on quasi-experimental design, pre-test and post-test control group. The population of the study is the women clients of Mehre Jonoob Counseling and Psychological Services Center who were dissatisfied with their lives. 30 women in to two groups of experimental and control by available samples method formed the sample. Experimental group was given group counseling based on reality therapy and control group was given individual counseling. Data collection tool was The WHO Quality of Life questionnaire. The results of this study indicated that, group counseling based on reality therapy (p =0.0001) impacts on the quality improvement of couples life and group counseling based on reality therapy is an appropriate model to improve the quality of couples life.

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