Financial Capital and Abnormal Yield in Newly-Arrived Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Saeed Barati, Mohammad Reza Abdoli


Business and commercial units play significant role in economic structure of a country. Today, business units as main pillars of economic in countries consider a large volume of economic resources such as work force, material and capital and according to sale and produce volume, they have important role in economic progress and development in the countries. The main goal of this article is surveying relationship between financial capital and abnormal yield in investment companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. In this study, 106 companies from different industries were analyzed between 2007 to 2012 years. F and T statistics were used to test the hypotheses. Durbin-Watson test was also used to test correlation model. The results indicate that there is a significant positive relationship between economic added value, residual income and book value with abnormal yield of stock in newly-arrived companies to Stock Exchange.

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