The Return on Assets Ratio and Its Effect on Stock Prices of Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Abdul Rahman Rashidfard


Growth and prosperity of any country depends on investment and proper planning. Proper guidance of cash flows will follow towards production and investment activities; Economic growth, increasing gross domestic product, creating jobs, increasing income and welfare of the public eventually. The basic objective of any investment is the more complete profits and business efficiency. Returns or reward investment, including current income (eg revenue) and increase or decrease the value of assets (profit or asset loss). "Real rate of return an investment in securities, How investments a person show in the past. "Stock investors many factors to consider when making an investment. Merton believes that investors willing to take possession of securities that have a greater awareness and know about it or have recently attracted their attention somehow. In this study, the role of the return on assets on the stock price of companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange has been discussed.

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