Evaluation of institutional investors and efficiency on the profitability of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Soghra Amoozgar, Bijan Abedini


The aim of study is Evaluation of institutional investors and efficiency on the profitability of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. In this study, according to available data types and methods of statistical analysis, the method of "data panel" is used. The study examined two different aspects: the variable among different companies and for the period 2009-2014.For the study of literature and literature review, used a library Persian and Latin books and professional articles and thesis. After collecting the required information, for analysis of data used software Spss20 20, Eviews 7 and Minitab16. The statistical population consisted of all companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Tehran. This includes 520 companies in 37 industry groups. result showed that there is significant relationship between proportion of institutional investors and corporate profitability. And there is a significant relationship between productivity and profitability. And there is a significant negative relationship between the proportion of managerial ownership and corporate profitability.


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