Defendant's Rights at the Preliminary Investigation Stage in the New Code of Criminal Procedure

Aminallah Gholami


Defendant and his rights have always been one of the most critical issues in criminal procedure, which has gained significant importance and high-status today and is one of the most critical components of individual rights and freedoms in human societies. In this article, the criminal law of the accused and its guarantees are discussed in the new law. Judicial order should be established so that tasteful interpretations do not violate the rights of the accused. In line with these necessities, in passing the new law on criminal procedure, the legislator has paid more attention to the defense rights of the accused. One of his defense rights is the right of the accused to contact his family and relatives, the right to have a lawyer and to explain this right to the accused from the very beginning of his supervision, etc. He pointed out that these actions are essential and positive steps towards respecting the rights. Defendants are considered defendants.

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