Dimensions of Job Enrichment and Efficacy of Physical Education Teachers

Kolsom Dehghani, Mohammad Reza EsmaielzadehGhandehari


This study aims to determine the relationship between dimensions of job enrichment and the efficacy of physical education teachers. The statistical population included all physical education teachers in Hormozgan Province (in Iran). The sample consisted of 136 individuals who were selected by the stratified random sampling technique in the academic year 2016-2017. The data were collected in the field manner. The instrument of collecting data was a questionnaire about Job Enrichment and the efficacy of teachers. Given r=0.33 and p=0.008, the statistical results indicated that there was a positive and significant relationship between autonomy at work and the efficacy of physical education teachers. Similarly, there was a positive and significant relationship between career skills variety and efficacy of physical education teachers. Such a relationship was found between the career importance and efficacy of physical education teachers. There was a significant relationship between the career identity and efficacy of teachers. There was also a positive and significant relationship between providing feedback on the career and efficacy of teachers.

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