The Challenges of Supervisor Marriage with Adopted Child in Iranian Law

S. Aref Hoseini, Mohammad Hossein Osta


The article is divided into three topics, the first devoted to the argument of the dissenters and the second to the arguments of the proponents of such marriage. Legal and extra-legal challenges will also be presented when presenting the first point of view. And in the third issue, the position of the orphaned child protection law adopted in year 53 and the orphanage and child protection law adopted in 2013 expresses the marriage of the guardian with his adoptive child. , The media space created in violation of Article 26 of the Law on the Protection of Homeless Children and Adolescents, adopted in 2013, is far from scientific, legal and jurisprudential and based on melancholy, overwhelming emotions and emotion, which is itself It is an unfavorable situation in scientific discourse. The atmosphere in question is such that it dares to dismiss scientific commentators and put them in a passive position, while many of these claims lack sufficient scientific basis. It should be noted that even in the light of the above remark, many adoptive families have been engaged in their daily lives without concern, but many have become involved and focused on this issue with the creation of untruthful falsehoods. So if there is really a concern for adoptive families, the role of such media is no less than the approval of the aforementioned, but this emotional space seems to be slowly getting out of the way and things are back to normal.

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