Evaluate and Rank the Factors Affecting the Mental Image of Customers

Vahoora ZamaniNejad, Mojtaba Dastouri, Mahnoosh Abedini


Banking industry today is rapidly changing. With international economic development and competitive market, banks have also been affected. If the mental image is good at Bank customers' minds, the problems that the customer is related to outcome or process, probably partly by mental image is ignored. The aim of this study is to Evaluate and rank the factors affecting the mental image of customers (Case Study: Eghtesad novin Bank). This study in term of purpose objective is practical and on the basis of gathering data, is descriptive – survey. The statistical population, has unlimited and the sample size is 384 people using by Morgan table. To review of literature use of library resources and marketing literature and to collect the desired information and measuring variables, standard questionnaire was used. The separation of its components used Standardized questionnaires. Also for confirms the validity and reliability of each component, is extracted. In analyzing of data in Descriptive at the Statistics Section were used the mean, standard deviation, median, mode, variance in inferential part To the relationship between independent and dependent variables the Pearson correlation and regression analysis were used. The results imply endorsement is all hypothetical.

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