Examine the relationship between organizational ethics and Staff efficiency

Razieh Jahangiri, Mahnoosh Abedini


The aim of this study is examine the relationship between organizational ethics And efficiency Shahid Rajaei Customs staff of Bandar Abbas. This study is based on purpose is applied. The statistical population is managers and employees Customs of Shahid Rajaei of Bandar Abbas. The number of managers, including senior managers, middle and operational supervisors and staff Customs are 40. Since the number of managers is limited to determining the sample size, the community will be chosen so census method used and sample size is 40. Result showed that there is a significant relationship between the organizational egocentricity and Customs employee productivity. There is a significant relationship between the benevolent managers and staff productivity customs. And there is a significant relationship between the ethics respecting managers and staff productivity.

Full Text:

PDF 171-174


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