Comparing the Effectiveness of Jig Saw Teaching Methods and proficient Learning Teaching Method on Academic Achievement of Sixth Grade Students, Bandar Abbas District 2

Zinat Borhan, Hussein Zainalipoor



Teaching method plays vital role on learning and teaching. An appropriate and good teaching method directs both teacher and student forward to better teaching and learning, respectively. Accordingly, in this research we compare the effectiveness of Jig Saw teaching methods and teaching- learning method, mastering on academic achievement of sixth grade students, district 2, Bandar Abbas. This research has been done in a semi experimental method and with a control group. All of the sixth grade students of Bandar Abbas district 2, made the statistical population of this research. The required data and information were collected through field methods. ISM's academic achievement motivation questionnaire was the tool of the data collecting. The Analysis of covariance test was used to test the research hypothesis. The results show that both methods (Jig Saw and proficient learning) have 95% significant effect. Also the means after the tests show that the Jig Saw method was more effective than the proficient learning.

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