Legal and Political Status of Islamic Councils in Local Administration of Islamic Republic of Iran

Khalil Yazdanparast



Establishment of local councils is one of the methods to fulfill democracy and is counted as one of the obvious examples of administrative decentralization. In Islamic Republic of Iran, city and village Islamic Councils have been formed to implement the constitution. Theory of multiple laws ratification on the issue of councils, formation of city and village councils, as well as addressing various aspects of councils, especially from the legal and political point of view is of particular importance. Evolution and the theories of Local Affairs Governance and the status of councils in Iran are the issues that have been studied in the present research. From the perspective of public law, Islamic Councils has resulted in the lack of administrative decentralization in our country, and from political perspective as one of the most important institutions of civil society, it paves the way for people participation to manage the affairs and practice democracy.

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