Ngos Influence on Women's Political Consciousness after the Revolution

Fakhri Hajizadeh, Majid Masoumi, Behnaz Azhdari



This study examined the impact of NGOs on women's political consciousness was after the revolution. Non-governmental organizations are responsible for to be the duty of public participation in the development of the country for the purposes of the law are considered. These organizations have grown considerably since the Islamic Revolution in Iran. And many of these organizations are trying to women's rights and their participation in the development process of the country's growth and development have placed on its agenda. Hence, This study examines the impact of NGOs on women's political consciousness after the revolution. The results of this study suggest that NGOs can done a wide range of activities for the rights of women. Despite this , They have not succeeded in attracting women and their political awareness in the highly desirable. Nevertheless, Studies have shown that in many cases, these organizations have been successful in achieving women's rights.

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