Anthropological Investigation of Palm Usage in Manoujan People Life

Fatemeh Shojaee Baghini, Fatemeh Sabzi, Abbas salari



This thesis is titled "anthropological analysis of palm usage in Manoujan People Life with emphasis on cultural, social and economic aspects" and aims to delve into this social phenomenon from anthropological viewpoint. In this research, the author studies and observes facts and "describes" and analyzes the facts and moves from "description" to "explanation" of the phenomenon. Considering the research subject, the main research methodology is field study and complimentary research method was historical and documented (library) . Results showed that besides economic aspects, palm tree has a specific place in people's beliefs and this shows of this tree in Manoujan folklore. Giving palm tree as a gift, offering palm to Imams, asking for patients remedy and offering date for dead people are customs which have roots in old beliefs of Manoujan people and it also symbolizes resistance and strength in this city.

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